By Wendy Shore on August 05, 2019

GWAVA augments messaging security with image detection from Image Analyzer

Reading, UK – April 25, 2012 – Image Analyser announced today that their image detection software has been selected by GWAVA, a leading provider of message security, unified archiving and business continuity solutions.  GWAVA will apply Image Analyzer to the latest version of their messaging security solution, GWAVA 6, to provide users with added protection from inappropriate images and video such as pornography.

GWAVA recognises that messaging has changed from simply email to include texting, instant messaging, collaboration and social media.  As all organisations have a legal duty of care to protect employees from disturbing and illegal content on the web, in emails and other data, it is essential that they have robust solutions in place to protect users from exposure to pornography and other offensive visual material.

Image Analyzer Technology is now available in the GWAVA 6 messaging security platform shipping April 25th.

According to recent analysis by Gartner1 there are four major forces impacting information security – cloud, mobile, social and information. The new social media and instant messaging platforms will drive new business and IT opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness, but as organisations develop new business opportunities built on rapidly emerging developments in messaging technology, their success is continually challenged by threats that also continue to evolve equally rapidly.

Ken Muir, CEO at GWAVA commented “We chose to partner with Image Analyser after rigorous testing and evaluation of their image recognition technology. The addition of Image Analyzer technology to our already proven portfolio of messaging security solutions supports our commitment to keeping organisations productive, compliant, and protected from inappropriate content in their corporate messaging solutions”.

Cris Pikes, CEO of Image Analyser, said, “Image Analyzer offers GWAVA customers added protection from the risk of inadvertent exposure to illicit images and video material such as pornography.  By deploying Image Analyzer in the latest release of their messaging security solution, GWAVA 6, the company will continue to provide a consistently superior level of protection from inappropriate image content and ensure legislative compliance for their customers.”

Image Analyzer has been specifically developed to provide high levels of accuracy in correctly identifying clean content and to provide high detection rates for offensive material. Cris Pikes, CEO of Image Analyser added, “We are delighted that GWAVA has selected Image Analyzer as the image recognition engine for their messaging security solution. Image Analyzer delivers consistently high rates of accurate pornography detection and ensures that clean image content is delivered directly to users. Image Analyzer will help enrich and protect the email, instant messaging and social media experience for GWAVA customers worldwide.”

(1)  Gartner – Agenda for Information Security 2012

About Image Analyser Limited

Image Analyzer is the market leading solution for detecting sexually explicit image content. The technology can quickly and accurately analyze an image or video to determine if it contains pornography. Image Analyzer is licensed on an OEM basis to software vendors and service providers across a broad range of market sectors. The company has offices in the UK, USA and Asia. or +44 (0)870 041 1166.

About GWAVA:

For over 10 years GWAVA has built a solid reputation as a leader in messaging security, unified archiving and messaging continuity. Over 15 million users in over 60 different countries trust GWAVA to secure and protect their messaging and collaboration infrastructure. GWAVA has offices in the United States, Canada, U.K., Australia and Germany and maintains a network of hundreds of authorized partners. Information on GWAVA can be found at

Image Analyzer is a world leader in the provision of automated content moderation and user generated content moderation for image, video and streaming media. Our AI content moderation delivers unparalleled levels of accuracy, producing near-zero false positive results in milliseconds.
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Published by Wendy Shore August 5, 2019