By Wendy Shore on August 06, 2019

Images that won’t fade away

A recent, disturbing article from the Sydney Morning Herald has again highlighted the issue of ‘Sexting’ and the fact that the modern phenomenon has nothing to do with words but everything to do with images.

Unlike traditional photographs which may fade or be destroyed, digital images are forever. They can be stored, infinitely copied distributed or in the case of this article be copied and posted on to hard core pornography sites. Many young people are placing themselves at risk by either not being aware that their images are being used in this way or not caring.

Image Analyzer has long advocated the use of image scanning technology to provide some degree of protection to youngsters from the consequences of their own actions. This is not intended to be a draconian censorship measure but rather to provide knowledge to the youngster or the parent or guardian that they are potentially putting themselves at risk, they can then either choose to continue or remove themselves from risk.

Image Analyzer as a technology can be deployed down on to mobile devices and PCs to scan images and videos and highlight those that contain nudity. The company is actively seeking vendor partners in the parental control market with whom they can work to develop solutions. It is time that this issue, which leads to bullying, future embarrassment, damages carer prospects and more serious consequences, was tackled proactively.


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Published by Wendy Shore August 6, 2019