By Image Analyzer on February 26, 2023

Is your Insider Threat Detection solution fit for purpose for 2023?

Organizations today are at increasing risk of cybercrime and while much attention is placed on the everchanging tactics of external cybercriminals, such as hackers, equal attention needs to be placed on the evermore sophisticated approaches used by those carrying out insider threats, such as employees, contractors, or anyone with access to a company’s systems.

Insider threats are particularly dangerous for your business because of the fact insiders often have legitimate access to your systems and data, making it easier for them to carry out – and get away with – an attack. According to a 2023 techjury report, the number of reported insider incidents has increased by 44% over the last two years and 66% of organizations now consider malicious insider attacks or accidental breaches to be more likely than external attacks.

This reality means your business needs an Insider Threat Detection solution that is as innovative and up-to-date as the criminal tactics they’re working to defend against.

The rise of visual insider threats

As criminals seek new and advanced ways to steal valuable business data, visual insider threats are increasing in prevalence. A simple example of a visual insider threat is an employee using their smartphone to take a picture or video of a confidential document and then sharing it with someone outside of your organization; or a contractor using a USB drive to copy sensitive information to take home. Another example of a visual insider threat is the internal distribution offensive and/or illegal material.
Visual threats can be very difficult to detect because most existing Insider Threat Detection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions rely on text analysis or identification and have no visual content analysis capability. This means that, unlike traditional data breaches, in which you might notice that a large amount of data has been copied or deleted, visual insider threats are evading detection in organizations that don’t have the latest threat detection enhancements.

Security you can see

For the most robust protection against insider threats, organizations today need to be enhancing their Insider Threat Detection solutions with the latest visual threat detection software.
Image Analyzer is a state-of-the-art visual threat detection solution designed to easily upgrade your organization’s existing information security solution. It can define, detect, identify, assess, and manage all forms of visual content, including images or videos of sensitive company data, as well as more broadly offensive visual content, such as adult content, extremism, graphic violence, CSAM, and more.

Imagine, for example, an employee takes photos of sensitive documents, or looks to circumvent your traditional Insider Threat Detection or DLP solution by creating images and videos. Without visual threat detection capabilities, there is no solution to this scenario other than a human looking through each piece of content. However with an Image Analyzer upgrade, you can deploy artificial intelligence-based technology to scan images, videos, and streaming media, to assesses and report back on their threat levels.
This AI-powered technology also verifies user misconduct and educates employees on best practice to help to further reduce governance and compliance issues, as well as risk exposure from vicarious liability.

An additional layer of actionable intelligence

By providing a visual representation of threats, Image Analyzer makes it easier for businesses to quickly identify and understand the nature of any visual threat. This is particularly valuable in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving threat landscape, where time is of the essence. The faster a threat is detected, the quicker a response can be launched to mitigate damage from an attack.

By presenting data in a visual format, Image Analyzer can also help your business to identify patterns and anomalies that may not otherwise be picked up, as well as highlight unusual behavior and identify connections between seemingly unrelated data points. This can help you to uncover new, emerging, or previously undetected threats, even in large and complex datasets.

The best part is there’s no need for a security overhaul. Your IT security supplier can quickly and easily upgrade your existing Insider Threat Detection solution to include Image Analyzer’s ground-breaking capabilities.

If you want the most robust information security solution available, get your supplier to have a chat with us today.

Published by Image Analyzer February 26, 2023