By Wendy Shore on August 06, 2019

Responsibility rests with Parents – now make use of all the available technology

Very interesting results from the joint Home Office and DoE survey of public and business on internet filtering as reported in the article below.

The majority of respondents and Ministers have rejected calls for mandatory filtering in favour of parental, choice, responsibility and increased availability of filtering solutions.

Image Analyzer, a contributor to the survey, has long argued that parents should be allowed to educate children on safe internet usage and potential threats and then protect them where necessary using the increasingly sophisticated technology which is available.

It was clear to many that holding ISP’s, Carriers and other organisations responsible for usage, when they are simply providing ever easy access to content, was not the correct course of action, stifled inititaive and created questions around freedom of speech. The results of the survey seem to confirm the more sensible parental responsibility approach.

As a provider of market leading image and video scanning technology Image Analyzer is actively seeking vendors of Parental Control solutions with whom they can work to deliver the required advanced solutions. The days of filtering image based dynamic content with static list based systenms are over and dynamic scanning solutions are required. Image Analyzer  is offering to provide basic versions of its software ‘free of charge’ where appropriate to demonstrate its commitment to contributing positively to this issue.


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Published by Wendy Shore August 6, 2019