By Wendy Shore on August 05, 2019

Social Media – Corporate reputations at stake

Social media in the enterprise is an unstoppable force. Ofcom estimates that 51% of adults use social networking sites and the younger the demographic, the higher the adoption rate.

This is providing more fuel for the consumerisation of IT trend, in which users bring the tools and services they use in their personal lives into the workplace. It also reinforces the remorseless flow of social media into the enterprise. It may be formal or informal, fast or slow, but it will come.

As with any new form of online communications in the enterprise, social media raises substantive issues of compliance and brand management. Image Analyser has recently added Kronovia as a customer. Kronovia is a specialist provider of social media compliance solutions and using Image Analyzer now provides enhanced image detection capabilities to minimise the risk of inappropriate or pornographic images being viewed or disseminated via corporate social media.

Incorporating Image Analyzer within the Kronovia toolset for compliance and brand management greatly reduces the risks of social media for regulated and reputation-conscious organisations and hence opens up the possibilities for increased customer and market engagement.

Image Analyzer is a world leader in the provision of automated content moderation and user generated content moderation for image, video and streaming media. Our AI content moderation delivers unparalleled levels of accuracy, producing near-zero false positive results in milliseconds.
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Published by Wendy Shore August 5, 2019