By Wendy Shore on August 08, 2019

Twitter streamlines abuse reporting and blocking procedures

The news today that Twitter is seeking to further improve and protect the user experience on their site is welcomed by Image Analyzer.

The UK based developer of image and video scanning technology intends to offer a trial of the software to the micro blogging giant shortly.

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Twitter streamlines abuse reporting and blocking procedures

Micro blogging network Twitter has moved to refine its mechanisms for abuse reporting and blocking following a series of high profile cases of misuse.

According to the BBC’s Newsbeat the changes have been brought in to hand ‘users more control of their experience’ and will be phased in gradually over the coming weeks.

It entails a simplification of reporting procedures to make them more mobile-friendly, with less information required to be entered by users when first reporting instances of abuse. Users will also be able to report instances of abuse not directly targeted at them.

The social network will also employ more staff and deploy increased resources toward suspending users temporarily or permanently as it sees fit, with blocked users no longer able to view the blockers profile.

Twitter’s head of public policy in Europe, Sinead McSweeney commented: “We’ve always said that users’ safety is a priority. It’s a job that we never regard as done.

“It’s more intuitive, it’s conversational and it gives people an opportunity to flag content which they regard as abusive, but may not be directed at them.”

Published by Wendy Shore August 8, 2019