By Wendy Shore on August 06, 2019

IA Blog: Axigen releases V8.1.0 featuring Image Analyzer

By Crispin Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer

Axigen 8.1 & Image Analyzer

New filtering capabilities and credentials’ recovery

Detection of sexually explicit image content

Starting with this version, Axigen has a new embedded filter for detection and handling of sexually explicit image content. This filter has been developed using the technology provided by Image Analyzer, that develops the market leading technology which can quickly and accurately analyze an image to determine if it contains pornography.

Inappropriate content can be detected in the attached images or in other types of attachments (MS Office files, ZIP files) with embedded images. Incoming and outgoing messages suspected to include such content can be handled in multiple and flexible ways: they can be discarded, redirected or copied to a specified address, they can be quarantined for later inspection performed by an administrator or they can simply be passed to the recipients with a corresponding warning about the potential inappropriate content.

The filter can be configured to send a notification to the originator of the message, when the potentially inappropriate content is found in an email message. Through this kind of notification, users can be informed gracefully about the organization’s rules and policies related to sending visually offending content.

The new filter is highly and easily configurable from Axigen administrative services, allowing a flexible control of the constraints imposed to the messages to be processed, a wide range of sensitivity levels applied for detection and a flexible way to activate the filter for different accounts and classes of accounts.

The embedded filter based on Image Analyzer technology is available as a Premium Add-on that can be purchased and enabled for a number of Premium Accounts according to customer’s License Key.

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Published by Wendy Shore August 6, 2019