By Wendy Shore on October 08, 2021

IA in the News: Image Analyzer comments on Facebook whistleblower’s statements

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Cris Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer, “Pietsch’s comments show that Facebook is sidestepping the problem it has helped to create and is trying to blame legislators for not providing a rule book for the social media giant to follow. Haugen’s testimony indicates that the wider societal problems created by harmful posts have become too large for Facebook to tackle on its own. This is precisely why the safety tech industry is working together to combat online harms including hate speech, CSAM, live-streamed violence, extremist content, and interference in the democratic process.”

“In the UK and Europe, legislation is already being finalized to force Digital service providers to swiftly remove illegal and harmful content from their platforms. Many US organizations will be in scope to comply with these new laws if they have significant numbers of users based in the UK and Europe. It’s important to note that these new standard rules for the internet will not only apply to the tech giants. Any company that allows users to upload images, videos, and live streams and comment on each other’s posts, would be wise to read the UK’s Online Safety Bill and the EU Digital Services Act proposals to understand their responsibilities and make the necessary preparations to remain on the right side of new laws.”

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Image Analyzer and the UKs new proposed online safety bill.

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Published by Wendy Shore October 8, 2021