By Wendy Shore on September 10, 2021

IA In the News: Image Analyzer explains what changes the Online Safety Bill will bring

9th September 2021 by Verdict, ‘Why the Online Safety Bill fails and what can make the internet safer’……read article

Cris Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer “A lot of people think that the Online Safety Bill only applies to the social media giants and that if, for example, they are running a website where people can upload their holiday snaps and videos and comment on each other’s posts, it won’t apply to them. This is not the case. The Online Safety Bill will make all digital platform operators responsible for swiftly removing illegal and harmful content to prevent users’ posts from harming other people, particularly children.”

“Online content moderation is akin to operating a swimming pool. Whether you’re running an Olympic-sized sports facility, or a paddling pool, you are responsible for keeping that environment healthy and safe for all users. All interactive website operators would be wise to read the Bill to understand their responsibilities and make the necessary preparations to remain on the right side of the law.”

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Image Analyzer and the UKs new proposed online safety bill.

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Published by Wendy Shore September 10, 2021