By Wendy Shore on May 06, 2021

IA In the News: Image Analyzer is named finalist in Computing AI and Machine Learning Awards 2021

Gloucester, UK – May 6th 2021, Image Analyzer announces that it has been shortlisted for Computing Magazine’s AI and Machine Learning Awards 2021 in the Best Emerging Technology in AI category.

Judged by a 10-member panel of CIOs, IT professionals, Staffordshire University’s Associate Dean of Computing and Digital Technologies, chaired by Computing Magazine journalist, Tom Allen, the awards shine a light on the leading companies, projects, and professionals in the AI sector.

Commenting on the nomination for Best Emerging Technology in AI, Cris Pikes, CEO and founder of Image Analyzer said, “We are delighted to have been recognized as one of the leading technology providers in the AI sector. Organizations are currently fighting a losing battle against the rising tide of harmful visual content posted to their digital platforms. Our technology was specifically developed to help online service providers to turn that tide and make their online communities safer. Applying AI allows organizations to scale their efforts and demonstrate to the relevant legislatures that they have the systems and processes in place to protect their users and employees from illegal and harmful content posted to their sites.”

Organizations are under increasing pressure to moderate the visual content that users upload to their digital platforms, to maintain a positive online experience for all users, reduce their legal risk exposure, and protect their brand reputation and revenue. Impending changes to online safety legislation that will put the onus on platform operators to remove illegal or harmful content or be liable for user generated posted content is another driver for organizations to explore automated content moderation technologies.

Content moderation has traditionally been undertaken by human moderators, who manually review questionable content uploaded to their platforms. This risks creating an unsafe working environment, where toxic visual content harms human moderators’ mental health and huge backlogs of material cause employee stress and burnout. Image Analyzer Visual Intelligence System (IAVIS) helps organizations to combat these workplace and online harms by automatically categorising and filtering out high-risk-scoring images, videos and live-streamed footage, leaving only the more nuanced content for human review. Applying advanced AI computer vision technology that is trained to identify specific visual threats, the solution gives each piece of content a risk probability score, speeds the review of posts, and reduces the moderation queue by 90% or more. The technology is designed to constantly improve the accuracy of core visual threat categories, with simple displays to allow moderators to easily interpret threat category labels and probability scores. It can scale to moderate increasing volumes of visual content, without impacting performance, or user experience.

Image Analyzer’s AI-powered visual risk moderation technology helps organizations to automatically remove more than 90% of manifestly illegal and harmful images, videos and live-streamed footage, so that toxic content never reaches their websites or moderation queues.

Image Analyzer holds US and European patents for its AI-powered content moderation technology, IAVIS, which identifies visual risks in milliseconds, with near zero false positives.

Organizations use IAVIS to protect online community members from being harmed by visual content that contravenes existing and impending laws. It minimises corporate legal risk exposure; aids digital forensics investigations; and helps safeguard children and educational communities. In HR applications, IAVIS reduces vicarious liability exposure by blocking content that is not safe for work, identifying high risk users and providing visibility of misuse.


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Published by Wendy Shore May 6, 2021