By Wendy Shore on June 22, 2021

IA In the News: Paliscope selects Image Analyzer for visual and text recognition

Gloucestershire, UK/ Gothenburg, Sweden – June 22nd 2021, visual recognition technology company, Image Analyzer, has announced an OEM Technology Supply Agreement with digital forensics technology vendor, Paliscope. Under the agreement, Image Analyzer Visual Intelligence System (IAVIS) has been integrated into Paliscope’s YOSE e-discovery solution to provide rapid identification of image, video and text-based evidence hidden within digital material.

Law enforcement teams have to sift through thousands of digital images, messages, files, and video footage when piecing together evidence to build a case and bring it to trial. Digital forensics experts often spend months searching for crucial evidence hidden within video footage and huge volumes of unstructured data.

Two separate reports by The Times newspaper and the PA news agency revealed that the overwhelming volume of digital evidence has led to severe backlogs across multiple police forces in the UK, with more than 12,000 devices awaiting examination and criminal cases being delayed.

Paliscope’s Your Own Search Engine (YOSE) enables digital forensics teams and organizations to quickly discover intelligence in any type of file including unstructured data within emails and chat messages stored on local networks and devices. YOSE can parse billions of files, without compromising search speed and helps investigators to quickly find, cross-reference and document digital evidence. Investigators use YOSE to automatically discover files, compare datasets and uncover relationships between people.

By incorporating IAVIS as a central component within YOSE, Paliscope will enable investigators to select a search category such as weapons, drugs, faces, or tattoos, and instantly extract relevant images, video and text hidden within any file type. In addition to recognising images of known offenders and objects, IAVIS flags previously unseen images and video, allowing criminal investigators to identify recently generated material and potential new victims

Integrating IAVIS into YOSE allows huge troves of digital material to be automatically searched for relevant images to quickly discover the most important evidence to disclose to prosecution and defence teams.

Image Analyzer’s recent addition of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to IAVIS V8 will also enable Paliscope to offer cost-effective number plate recognition within YOSE.

Explaining Paliscope’s selection of Image Analyzer as an OEM partner, Christian Berg, CEO, Paliscope, commented, “We need to work with the best in the industry to enable our customers to keep pace with AI developments. Image Analyzer’s new OCR capability provides our customers with a definite edge in their digital forensics capabilities. By combining our existing license plate technology with Image Analyzer’s powerful visual recognition, we can provide cost-effective vehicle recognition features within YOSE.”

“The combined YOSE IAVIS feature set helps our customers to find evidence more quickly and drive cases forward. Customers tell us that they find images with YOSE that they never could using other digital forensics products. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the partnership with Image Analyzer. A key benefit of IAVIS is its efficient use of computing resource, which allows this powerful solution to be run on a laptop in the field. We are particularly impressed with IAVIS’s ability to search for evidence within still images and video. No other vendor offers this capability.”

Cris Pikes, CEO and founder of Image Analyzer commented, “Our visual recognition technology has been provided to OEM partners since 2005 and this has enabled us to rapidly scale to help organisations all over the world to identify digital evidence, automate content moderation, and combat toxic work environments. We really value the dynamic relationship with Paliscope which provides our development team with the latest digital forensic requirements to drive our award-winning technology forward.”

Image Analyzer holds US and European patents for its AI-powered technology, IAVIS, which swiftly identifies images that fall within specific categories, even where these have not previously been identified. On June 9th Image Analyzer was named the winner of Computing Magazine’s AI and Machine Learning Awards 2021 for Best Emerging Technology in AI.

YOSE, incorporating IAVIS will be available in Europe and the UK from August.

About Paliscope

Paliscope’s software platform unites data from various online and offline sources to help investigators discover relevant information and turn it into actionable intelligence. Serving as a single place to locate, collect, organize and present case information, the Paliscope platform makes piles of data instantly more accessible and useful and, ultimately, helps investigators close more cases in less time.

Designed to provide investigators with a search facility with the speed and simplicity of Google, running on local devices, Paliscope YOSE is a powerful, yet simple search engine that instantly locates intelligence stored anywhere on devices, in any format. Running automatically in the background, it indexes a diverse range of files to make them searchable – from invoices and screenshots to PDFs, images and videos, regardless of whether the files are located on a device, or embedded within a document, zip archive, or email. YOSE can even read text that appears inside videos or chat app conversations.

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About Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer provides artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media, including live-streamed footage uploaded by users. Its technology helps organizations minimize their corporate legal risk exposure caused by employees or users abusing their digital platform access to share harmful visual material. Image Analyzer’s technology has been designed to identify visual risks in milliseconds, including illegal content, and images and videos that are deemed harmful to users, especially children and vulnerable adults.

Founded in 2005, Image Analyzer holds various patents across multiple countries under the Patent Co-operation Treaty. Its worldwide customers typically include digital forensic solution vendors, large technology and cybersecurity vendors, digital platform providers, online community operators, and education technology providers which integrate its AI technology into their own solutions.

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Published by Wendy Shore June 22, 2021