By Wendy Shore on April 23, 2021

IA In the News: Section 230 – The Tiny Clause that Rules the Internet

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“Ron Wyden and Chris Cox,” says Cris Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer, a visual content moderation company, “had the goal of combatting online pornography, while protecting online creativity and free speech.”

“However, with Pornhub attracting more monthly users than Netflix, Amazon, and Reddit, Wyden and Cox’s bill failed on its first objective.”

“Wyden described Section 230 as providing a ‘shield and a sword,” continues Pikes. “The law provides a ‘shield’ because it protects social media platforms and interactive website operators from legal liability for third-party content posted to their sites. This legal limbo is complicated further by the “Good Samaritan” portion of the law. “Online service operators are viewed as distributors of content, rather than publishers, and are therefore not held legally responsible for third-party content uploaded to their site,” explains Pikes. “This is a defense often used by Facebook, Google, and Twitter when called to account for failure to swiftly remove hate speech, disinformation, and harmful videos posted by users.”

“The Communications Decency Act runs to well over 100 pages but Section 230 makes up less than 700 words of the behemoth bill. At the time, Wyden and Cox could barely have foreseen what the internet would become today.”

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Published by Wendy Shore April 23, 2021