By Wendy Shore on August 05, 2019

Press Release: Image Analyser Releases Enhanced Version of Video Analysis Module

Reading, UK – September, 2011 Online video is forecast by Cisco to make up 62 percent of Internet traffic by the end of 2015, and it is only logical to assume that a large part of the new video content will be pornography. Restricting the distribution of such content is challenging as often there is no metadata to indicate that the content is pornographic in nature.

Image Analyser announced today the release of their IAVideo module, which is designed to extract key frames from common video file formats and analyze them for pornographic content based on visual markers within the frame.
The technology scans in ‘real-time’ and hence does not rely on a signature database of pre-categorized content but rather utilizes multiple heuristic detection methods to reliably distinguish between pornographic and non-pornographic frames.

Technology integrators can set how frequently frames are extracted and also define a minimum and maximum for either very short or long videos. Once all the frames have been analyzed the product collates the result and provides the percentage of frames that were considered to be high risk. High risk frames can even be exported if required for more detailed examination

The technology is multi-threaded and has been performance optimized. On a single server it can scan 27,000 minutes of video in an hour.

“Image Analyzer is already the market leader in pornographic image analysis” Said Crispin Pikes, CEO, Image Analyser. “The IAVideo module further increases our technology offering and will increase the uptake of our solution in the content moderation space.”

Image Analyser plans to make the IAVideo module openly available to all its OEM partners and provide access via its web classification service.

Image Analyzer is a world leader in the provision of automated content moderation and user generated content moderation for image, video and streaming media.
Our AI content moderation delivers unparalleled levels of accuracy, producing near-zero false positive results in milliseconds.
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Published by Wendy Shore August 5, 2019