By Wendy Shore on August 05, 2019

IA Blog: Is Image Analyzer now a mandatory requirement for US Government suppliers and contractors?

By Crispin Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer

Is Image Analyzer now a mandatory requirement for US Government suppliers and contractors?

“None of the funds made available in this Act may be used to maintain or establish a computer network unless such network blocks the viewing, downloading, and exchanging of pornography.”

US Bill of Appropriation HR4899 (July 2010)

US legislators have acted decisively to tackle the issue of pornography on Government networks and the networks of their suppliers and contractors. The provision, as stipulated in the extract from the relevant legislation (HR4899), prohibits the allocation of funds to any Government agency or their suppliers or contractors that do not apply appropriate measures to block and importantly from an Image Analyzer perspective prevent the exchange of pornography on their networks.

Image Analyzer has long advocated that prohibiting inappropriate image content on corporate networks is essential to an organisation’s reputation and ability to do business. This legislation now makes the management of pornography a mandatory requirement for many US enterprise customers seeking to secure government contracts.

The image scanning technology sector, led by Image Analyzer, has developed rapidly over the last five years. Image management solutions are highly accurate, cost effective and provide the protection which enterprise requires. In an enterprise environment, Image Analyzer advocates policies which manage the issue of unwanted pornography on corporate networks and work with local policy to ensure compliance without blocking legitimate image content.

Image Analyzer recommends that the technology is deployed to eliminate both inadvertent and deliberate access to pornographic imagery, to educate users about appropriate usage of company resources and ensure that non- business related activity is undertaken away from the company’s network and in the user’s own time.

All IT security vendors that provide comprehensive content management solutions should now seek to incorporate image scanning and management technology as a core component of their enterprise. Vendors currently providing this essential Image Analyzer powered protection include Cisco Ironport, McAfee, Trustwave, Websense, Sendmail, Paraben Corp, IDEAL Corp, Mimecast, and iCritical.

Still and moving image content is now a vital component of modern business and this legislation makes clear that ignorance is no longer an effective defence. It is time to ensure compliant and ‘porn free’ computer networks. The US House of Representatives and the Senate has acted and informed commentators believe that the effects will spread across other areas of US business.

It is expected that President Obama will pass the bill into law therefore now is the time to ensure that your network has comprehensive content management that incorporates effective image management and scanning technology such as Image Analyzer.

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Published by Wendy Shore August 5, 2019