By Wendy Shore on August 05, 2019

Press Release: Lightspeed Systems demonstrate continued K12 market leadership through use of Image Analyzer in My Big Campus safe social learning platform

Reading, UK – November, 2011 Lightspeed Systems has added a further innovative feature to their highly successful MyBigCampus product. Responding to the exponential growth in the number of digital images and videos now in circulation and the ease of capture, storage and distribution, the company has integrated the latest Image Analyzer technology into its My Big Campus product. Image Analyzer is the market-leading solution for filtering sexually explicit image content, and it is now helping to make online learning safer through its partnership with Lightspeed Systems. The image analysis technology is a standard feature of Lightspeed Systems My Big Campus, which provides a safe, social learning platform, monitored email and private file storage solution for students and staff.

Every image uploaded to My Big Campus is scanned by Image Analyzer to assess the risk of it containing pornographic content. Unlike first generation image analysis technologies which were heavily dependent upon inaccurate ‘skin tone percentage’ analysis, Image Analyzer uses multiple detection methods such as face detection to reliably distinguish between pornographic and non-pornographic content. The technology has been optimised with the assistance of Intel ™ Corporation and only takes a few milliseconds to scan an image.

Combined with the flexible policy options in Lightspeed Systems My Big Campus, Image Analyzer ensures a safe learning environment with minimal degradation to the end-user experience. Detailed reports quickly identify users that are breaching the usage policy allowing administrators to take appropriate action.

“The knowledge that every image is analyzed is a powerful deterrent in itself,” said Joel Heinrichs, CEO of Lightspeed Systems. “In addition, all activity on My Big Campus is authenticated and can be traced to the user. Users are less likely to distribute inappropriate content if they know they can be identified as the source.”

New features from Image Analyzer, which are due for release shortly, will include the ability to scan streaming video files; a solution which will no doubt be welcomed by the K12 education community.

The move by Lightspeed Systems to utilise Image Analyzer reinforces their overall goal of allowing schools to confidently provide access to multimedia resources and collaboration services with the reassurance that the environment is safe for students and staff.

About Lightspeed Systems

To Lightspeed Systems, education isn’t an industry; it’s a passion. Our solutions make it safe, secure, and easy for IT staff to give users access to resources that make learning engaging, collaborative-and real.

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Published by Wendy Shore August 5, 2019