By Image Analyzer on October 30, 2023

Online Harms Bill passed into law

The Online Harms Bill in the UK, which finally passed into law on Friday 27th October, aims to address and mitigate a wide range of online harms, including but not limited to illegal content, misinformation, and abusive behaviour.

In this context, companies involved with User Generated Content (UGC) should look to deploy Image Analyzer image and video analysis technology to assist with:

Content Moderation:

Illegal Content Detection: The Online Harms Bill likely mandates the removal of illegal content, such as child exploitation material or terrorist propaganda. Image Analyzer can help identify and block such content including new CSAM content automatically

Hate Speech and Abusive Content: Analyzing images and videos can assist in detecting hate speech, harassment, and other forms of abusive content, contributing to a safer online environment.

Misinformation and Disinformation:

Fake News Detection: With the rise of misinformation and disinformation, especially through visual media, companies may need tools to analyze images and videos to identify and counter false narratives and misleading information.

User Safety:

Protecting Users from Harmful Content: Image and video analysis can be employed to identify and mitigate content that may be harmful to users, ensuring a safer online experience.

Compliance with Regulations:

Legal Obligations: The Online Harms Bill allows the regulator to impose financial penalties based upon a percentage of global turnover on companies to ensure they take proactive measures in addressing harmful content. Deploying Image Analyzer can demonstrate a commitment to compliance with these regulations.

Enhanced User Experience:

Content Quality and Relevance: Analyzing visual content can also contribute to improving the overall user experience by ensuring that the content presented is of high quality, relevant, and aligns with community guidelines.

Preventing Platform Abuse:

Detecting and Preventing Exploitative Content: Companies should deploy Image Analyzer to identify and prevent the spread of exploitative content, such as revenge porn or graphic violence.

Building Trust:

User Trust: By actively addressing online harms and implementing measures to analyze and moderate content, companies can build trust among users, which is crucial for sustaining a positive online community.

Automated Moderation:

Scalability: AI powered Image Analyzer is now so accurate in core detection categories that it can be deployed for automated content moderation, enabling platforms to scale efficiently and handle a large volume of user-generated content.

In summary, the deployment of Image Analyzer becomes essential for companies to comply with regulatory requirements, enhance user safety, and create a positive online environment by effectively addressing various forms of online harms outlined in the Online Harms Bill.

Image Analyzer is provided as a technology solution on an OEM basis and can be quickly and simply added to an existing Content Moderation stack or form the basis of a new Content Moderation solution.

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Published by Image Analyzer October 30, 2023