Brand Protection & Corporate Liability

Brand Protection & Corporate Liability

The online advertising market is fast evolving, especially with the ever-growing dominance of social media and other community platforms, and it is becoming more reliant on programmatic advertising. With the increasing need for automation, speed and relevance, organizations need to ensure that their product and services are only served alongside rich and reputable content. As part of an integrated solution Image Analyzer can scan images and videos on the destination page to ensure that it is a suitable and safe location for the organization to serve their content to – thus protecting their brand from inappropriate or harmful advertisements on the destination page.

Organizations’ use of social media or collaboration platforms as marketing and communications channel and file-sharing tools such as Sharefile, Dropbox and others, also means that uploaded content needs to adhere to a company’s use policy which prohibits the upload and sharing of inappropriate, offensive or harmful content.

Deeply intertwined is also the risk of legal liability. Employers have a duty to protect their employees from receiving and circulating inappropriate, illegal and harmful material and can be held vicariously liable for the inappropriate actions of an employee – unless they can demonstrate that they have taken all reasonable steps to prevent it from taking place. In the US, UK and EU online safety regulations are currently being reviewed accordingly.

Image Analyzer’s artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media integrates with available brand protection solutions. We provide our customers with a competitive differentiator and incremental revenue growth and protection opportunities.


  • Protects your and your customer’s brand reputation
  • Protects revenue streams
  • Reduces corporate risk exposure related to an organization’s vicarious liability
  • Helps comply with online safeguarding regulations
  • Improves efficiency and productivity of IT or content moderation teams
  • Educates users on the organization’s AUP and improves user behavior
  • Supports internal audit and computer misuse investigations and can verify employee or user misconduct
  • Protects moderators' mental health by filtering high risk scoring visuals, reducing the volume requiring moderation to nuanced content


  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • Automated image review based on risk probability scores
  • Identifies inappropriate advertisements
  • Blocks sexually explicit and NSFW email image and video attachments
  • Identifies high risk users
  • Provides visibility of misuse
  • Highly scalable to grow with increasing volumes without affecting performance