Insider Threat Detection

Insider threat is the potential for an insider to use their authorized access or understanding of an organization to harm that organization. Insiders may include Employees, vendors, contractors, and suppliers.

Some of the main categories of insider threats include Sabotage where the user uses their legitimate access to damage or destroy company systems or data. Fraud. The theft, modification, or destruction of data by an insider for the purpose of deception, Intellectual Property Theft and Espionage.

Dealing with insider threats requires a different threat management and threat response from other cybersecurity challenges. Insider threats and other cybersecurity challenges’ inherent nature is different. Malicious insiders have a significant advantage over external attackers.

Image Analyzer’s patented technology can be simply integrated into existing insider threat detection and data loss prevention solutions. Image Analyzer can analyze real-time user activity to detect early signs of insider threats. Via simple integration Image Analyzer can help your existing threat detection system by adding critical information to a behaviour-based rules engine that can provide an active defence from all kinds of malicious insider activity.

Image Analyzer adds a layer to your Insider Threat Detection offering enabling the ability to scan for malicious images, videos, barcodes, OCR and QR codes that may not otherwise be detected by the current threat detection system.

Image Analyzer can also extend our partners managed security service (MSS) coverage to their customers with simple integration into your chosen security information and event management (SIEM) and threat analytics system.

How does it work? Our technology analyzes and identifies specific visual threats in images, video and live streamed footage uploads with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) based computer vision technology. This can include OCR, QR and barcodes. Each piece of content is given a risk probability score. This score can then be used by the IT team to quickly identify the high-risk material and remove anything that is inappropriate or harmful.

Image Analyzer’s artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media integrates with available Insider Threat Detection solutions. We provide our customers with a competitive differentiator and incremental revenue growth opportunities.


  • Compliments existing Insider Threat Detection technologies
  • Simple to integrate
  • Verifies employee or user misconduct
  • Identifies images and videos which may breach Governance or Risk & Compliance
  • Reduces corporate risk exposure


  • Finds images of sensitive documents/CRM Screengrabs/Blueprints/PII etc.
  • Identifies images containing QR Codes linked to Malware and resolves the source URL
  • Finds large image and video files which contain redundant, obsolete or trivial data
  • Proactively finds and mitigates risks from visual content
  • Locates images & videos containing text
  • Optional OCR module can identify the meaning of highlighted text
  • Makes sense of unstructured visual content
  • Provides real time analysis of visual data and data flows
  • Multiple deployment options including Virtual Appliance, Cloud Instance, Hosted Service, SDK
  • Highly scalable to grow with increasing volumes without affecting performance