Image Analyzer can be used in conjunction with Access Control Systems operating in controlled areas such as prisons, hospitals and restricted sites. Information initially captured by CCTV provided to these management systems can be passed off via a simple API to the Image Analyzer content analysis engine to identify and flag any prohibited items such as mobile phones, drugs or weapons.

How does it work? Our technology analyzes and identifies specific visual threats in images, video and live streamed footage with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) based computer vision technology. Each piece of identified content is given a risk probability score. This score can then be used by the access control systems to quickly alert on any high-risk material to prevent a potential breach of security.



  • Reduces detection time deficit by rapidly identifying and flagging a single frame or group of frames
  • Acts as a powerful deterrent to prevent unsolicited activity
  • Mitigates potential risk of future events
  • Supports internal audit to ensure compliance and security requirements are met
  • Improves efficiency and productivity of IT or content moderation teams
  • Can be utilized to support case evidence where required


  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • Identifies most commonly supported image and video file types
  • Human moderators can review images in real-time based on risk
  • Can easily integrate with most Access Control Systems
  • Highly scalable to grow with increasing volumes from multiple detection points without affecting performance