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IA Blog: The practice and consequences of ‘Sexting’ not confined to the young

By Crispin Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer

The Employee and ‘Business Reputation’ cost of pornography in the workplace

Reading, UK – January, 2012 Pornography in the Workplace is a popular subject for press articles typically offering an opportunity for an attention grabbing headline and raising sniggers and moral ...

IA Blog: What is the financial cost to a business of a Hostile Working Environment claim related to Pornographic images and videos?

By Crispin Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer

Pornographic images continue to be ‘bad news’ for teachers, schools and colleges – and legislation is tightening

Reading, UK – January, 2012 A series of recent news articles clearly emphasise the urgent requirement for all education establishments both to deploy technology to protect employees and students from ...

Press Release: Lightspeed Systems demonstrate continued K12 market leadership through use of Image Analyzer in My Big Campus safe social learning platform

Reading, UK – November, 2011 Lightspeed Systems has added a further innovative feature to their highly successful MyBigCampus product. Responding to the exponential growth in the number of digital ...

IA Blog: Time to Protect Employees From Themselves

By Crispin Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer

Press Release: The Darker Side of Sexting

Reading, UK – September, 2011 Take a second and type the word ‘Sexting’ into a search engine. You will be presented with numerous site suggestions offering advice on not begin caught, more effective ...

Press Release: Image Analyser Releases Enhanced Version of Video Analysis Module

Reading, UK – September, 2011 Online video is forecast by Cisco to make up 62 percent of Internet traffic by the end of 2015, and it is only logical to assume that a large part of the new video ...

‘Sexting’ overload as porn images put youth at risk

Mainstream and accessible pornography is exposing young people to aggressive material and reshaping their sexual practices, according to Warrnambool-based research.