About Image Analyzer

Artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology

Image Analyzer provides artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media, including live-streamed footage uploaded by users. Its technology helps organizations minimize their corporate legal risk exposure caused by employees or users abusing their digital platform access to share harmful visual material. Image Analyzer’s technology has been designed to identify visual risks in milliseconds, including illegal content, and images and videos that are deemed harmful to users, especially children and vulnerable adults.

The company is a member of the Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA).

Image Analyzer holds various patents across multiple countries under the Patent Co-operation Treaty. Its worldwide customers typically include large technology and cybersecurity vendors, digital platform providers, digital forensic solution vendors, online community operators, and education technology providers which integrate its AI technology into their own solutions.

Image Analyzer wins best emerging technology award 2021.

Why Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer focuses on detecting visual threats. Our unique content moderation technology uses advanced artificial intelligence that delivers unparalleled accuracy with near zero false positives, all in a matter of milliseconds. Other labelling technologies are often too general and struggle to identify specific visual threats. Our technology has been designed to constantly improve the accuracy of core visual threat categories.

Image Analyzer partners are our customers. Our Go-To-market business model is to, predominately, engage with software vendors, service providers and digital platform owners in an OEM partnership. This allows us to focus on the specific needs of our partners. Our simple API makes it easy for our partners to integrate our technology into their applications.

We offer easy to integrate technology, dedicated technical support and flexible licensing options. Partners can choose the deployment option that best suits their needs: a managed Cloud Service, an on-premise Virtual Appliance or an embedded SDK – compatible with all major operating systems.

Our Team

Stephen Tye

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Drew

SVP of Global Sales

Our Partners

“The risk of young people being harmed by toxic content they encounter online is too great for a single platform operator to tackle on its own, or to build from scratch. By collaborating with Image Analyzer we can block offensive live-streamed video at unprecedented levels and make online communities safer.”

CEO and founder of a North American online gaming content moderation company

Our commitment to you

  • We are focused on constantly improving the accuracy of our core threat categories.
  • We can build bespoke categories to meet your business needs.
  • We offer multiple deployment options, including on premise options to ensure your data never leaves your environment.
  • We support flexible licensing options that complement the way you sell your products and services.
  • We provide a dedicated account manager, not just a cloud account with no relationship, who you can contact and talk to.
  • We will assist you with integration and configuration of the optimum settings to achieve your goals.