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Digital Forensics

Accelerate your investigations with AI-powered Visual Threat Intelligence.

Key Features for Digital Forensic Vendors

As a Digital Forensics Vendor, you understand the importance of identifying, preserving, and extracting electronic information quickly and accurately.

The task of identifying illicit images and videos in either a criminal or civil investigation can be a very time-consuming process and is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. A single case can contain thousands or millions of images and videos, most of which may not be relevant to the investigation.

With Image Analyzer, you can enhance your investigations by leveraging our advanced AI-based content moderation technology. Our solution can help you find critical evidence, such as digital traces of illicit activity or NSFW content, in a more efficient and effective manner. Our technology significantly reduces the time required to review images and videos, helping to reduce the backlog of cases and allowing you to resolve cases more quickly.

Advanced AI

Our AI technology delivers high detection accuracy with near-zero false positives, ensuring reliable results every time

NSFW Content Detection

Our technology can identify and block inappropriate or NSFW content in emails, focusing on categories such as pornography, extremism, and graphic violence, helping to maintain a safe and professional email environment.

Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) Detection

Developed in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, our CSAM category can detect previously unseen illegal image and video material, which may be unknown to law enforcement.

Specialist Forensic Categories

Our technology supports a wide range of specialist forensic categories, including CSAM, Tattoo, Maps, and Currency, providing comprehensive analysis capabilities.

Risk-Based Sorting

Our solution enables investigators to deploy computer vision AI to sort images based on risk scores, allowing for more efficient and targeted investigations.

Local Operation

Our technology operates locally, with no need to connect to the internet, ensuring the security and integrity of your evidence.

Why Integrate Image Analyzer

Enhanced Investigations:
Our technology provides an additional layer of capability to your investigations, helping you find critical evidence more quickly and accurately.
Reduced Backlog
By significantly reducing the time required to review images and videos, our solution can help reduce the backlog of cases, allowing you to resolve cases more quickly.
Victim Identification
Our technology can help you quickly identify recently generated material and potential new victims, aiding in the protection of vulnerable individuals.

Built for Software Vendors

Contact us today to learn more about how to empower your software with AI-powered visual threat intelligence.