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Enhance your solution with AI-powered Visual Threat Intelligence.

Key Features for Safeguarding Vendors

As a Safeguarding Vendor, you understand the importance of protecting teachers and students in an academic environment.

Technology can provide a platform that facilitates harm, and it's crucial to have an effective approach to online safety to protect and educate the whole school community in their use of technology.

Safeguarding solutions often involve text analysis, keystroke loggers, and screenshot grabbing. These processes generate huge quantities of potentially inappropriate visual content which must be manually reviewed. If inappropriate visual content is displayed on the screen and there is no corresponding metadata, it can be very hard to identify.

Image Analyzer offers a more efficient solution. Our advanced AI-based visual threat intelligence can significantly reduce the time required to identify inappropriate content within a screenshot, allowing moderators to quickly identify breaches of their usage policy.

Advanced AI

Our AI technology delivers high detection accuracy with near-zero false positives, ensuring reliable results every time

NSFW Content Detection

Our technology can identify and block inappropriate or NSFW content in emails, focusing on categories such as pornography, extremism, and graphic violence, helping to maintain a safe and professional email environment.

Insider Threat Mitigation

By monitoring and controlling internal email communications, our technology can help mitigate the risk of insider threats.

Screenshot Analysis

Our solution can analyze screenshots for inappropriate content, ensuring that any visual media shared within an organization or network doesn't contain inappropriate or offensive material.

Integration with Existing Solutions

Our technology can integrate with available safeguarding solutions, providing a competitive differentiator and incremental revenue growth opportunities.

Why Integrate Image Analyzer

Enhanced Protection

Our technology provides an additional layer of protection against inappropriate content, enhancing the overall security of your safeguarding solution.

Competitive Advantage
By integrating our technology into your solution, you can provide an added feature that gives you a competitive edge in the market.
Increased Efficiency

By automating the bulk of the content analysis process, our technology allows your human moderators to focus on reviewing only high-risk content, significantly enhancing their productivity and the overall efficiency of your moderation process.

Built for Software Vendors

Contact us today to learn more about how to empower your software with AI-powered visual threat intelligence.