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Content Moderation

Enhance your platform with AI-powered Visual Threat Intelligence.

Key Features for Content Moderation Platform Providers

As a Content Moderation Platform Provider, you understand the challenges of moderating User Generated Content (UGC). Ensuring that offensive images and videos, such as pornographic material or graphic violence, do not make their way onto your platform is crucial for maintaining a positive user and community experience, protecting your brand reputation, and reducing legal risk exposure.

However, the sheer volume of content can easily overwhelm human moderators, leading to a backlog of cases and a drop in moderation quality. Hiring more staff can be an expensive solution, and as your site grows in popularity, the volume of UGC will only increase.

Image Analyzer offers a more efficient solution. Our advanced AI-based content moderation technology can significantly reduce the workload of your human moderators by automatically reviewing and categorizing content based on risk scores. This allows your team to focus on reviewing only high-risk content, enhancing their productivity and the overall efficiency of your moderation process.

Advanced AI

Our AI technology delivers high detection accuracy with near-zero false positives, ensuring reliable results every time

NSFW Content Detection

Our technology can identify and block inappropriate or NSFW content, focusing on categories such as pornography, extremism, and graphic violence, helping to maintain a safe and professional environment.

Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) Detection

Developed in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, our CSAM category can detect previously unseen illegal image and video material, which are not present in checksum databases.

Personal Identifiable Information Detection

Our solution can assist in detecting personal identifiable information such as identification and credit cards, helping to maintain user privacy and data security.

Sort Content by Risk & Category

Our technology allows human moderators to focus on content based on its category and risk level.

Local Operation

Our technology operates locally, with no need to connect to the internet, ensuring the security and integrity of your evidence.

Why Integrate Image Analyzer

Automatically Remove Toxic Content

Our technology can automatically identify and remove obvious toxic content, protecting your community and moderators' wellbeing.

Reduce Moderation Queues

Our technology can reduce the moderation queue by 90% or more, through automation.

Just-In-Time Messaging

Our technology allows you to provide real-time feedback to users, helping to educate them about your platform's content policies and discourage the posting of inappropriate content.

Built for Software Vendors

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