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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Use of Image Analyzer's CSAM Detection Technology

  1. Scope of Use: This offer is strictly for internal use by the recipient organization. The technology provided under this offer cannot be utilized to service third parties, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  2. Deployment and Resource Responsibility: The offer is applicable only for an on-premise deployment of the Image Analyzer Virtual Appliance or Container. All hosting and compute resources required for the deployment and operation of the technology are the sole responsibility of the user.
  3. Category Limitation: This offer is limited to the Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) detection category. Utilization of additional categories outside of CSAM will incur charges at our standard rates.
  4. Exclusions: This offer is not available to websites or platforms that host, share, or distribute pornographic or sexually explicit material.
  5. Access Discretion: Image Analyzer reserves the right to refuse access to this technology at our discretion, for any reason.
  6. Revocation of Use: Image Analyzer retains the right to revoke usage of the technology at any point, for any reason.
  7. No Liability or Warranty: The technology is provided "as is" without any form of warranty. Image Analyzer will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use the technology.
  8. User Compliance: Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in their use of the technology. Any illegal use of the technology will result in immediate termination of access.
  9. Data Privacy and Security: Image Analyzer does not have access to any data processed through the technology. The user agrees to adhere to data privacy and security standards as required by law, ensuring that any data processed through the technology is handled responsibly and securely.
  10. Modification of Terms: Image Analyzer reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Continued use of the technology after such changes will constitute acceptance of the new terms.
  11. Intellectual Property Rights: The technology is the intellectual property of Image Analyzer and no intellectual property rights are transferred to the user.
  12. Reporting Obligations and Internet Access: Users must enable outbound internet access for the technology, as it is designed to report back to Image Analyzer the number of images scanned. Users are required to ensure that this connectivity is maintained and are also obliged to provide periodic feedback or usage reports as requested.
  13. Scope of Offer and Additional Charges: There is no limit on the number of images that can be scanned using the CSAM category at no cost under this offer. The free offer is limited exclusively to the CSAM category. The user agrees to pay standard rates for the use of any additional categories beyond CSAM.
  14. Support and Maintenance: Support and maintenance services for the technology may be available but are not included in the free offer and may incur additional charges. Users should inquire about the scope and costs of these services.
  15. Termination: Image Analyzer reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the user at any time for reasons including, but not limited to, non-compliance with these terms and conditions, misuse of the technology, or legal and regulatory changes.
  16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom.