Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

There are many definitions of CASB in the market. In simple terms a CASB sits between the cloud and a corporate network and secures the sensitivity of the data moving into or is accessed via the cloud.

Image Analyzer provides visual threat intelligence on images and videos stored in cloud services. CASB vendors can integrate our technology into their software or service to identify visual threats including NSFW material, offensive and illegal content and others in Shadow IT applications such as Dropbox, Box and Office 365 as well as authorized applications.

“62% of employees use unstructured Sync & Share applications – unauthorized usage of these applications can lead to personal data being uploaded to cloud storage.”

“57% of Employees store Photos & 29% store Videos in Enterprise cloud storage.”

“59% of data which is currently invisible to administrators could contain pornography.”

* Veritas Databerg Report, 2015

Image Analyzer provides valuable insight into visual data stored in the cloud and reduces the quantity of Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial data (ROT) thereby delivering cost savings to organizations, helping identify the misuse of Shadow IT and highlighting the unauthorized usage of cloud applications.

How does it work? Our technology analyzes and identifies specific visual threats in images, video and live streamed footage uploads with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) based computer vision technology. Each piece of content is given a risk probability score. This score can then be used by the IT team to quickly identify the high-risk material and remove anything that is inappropriate or harmful.

Image Analyzer’s artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media integrates with available CASB solutions. We provide our customers with a competitive differentiator and incremental revenue growth opportunities.


  • Protects brand reputation
  • Reduces corporate risk exposure related to an organization’s vicarious liability
  • Helps comply with online safeguarding regulations
  • Improves efficiency and productivity of IT teams
  • Supports internal audit and computer misuse investigations and can verify employee misconduct
  • Protects moderators' mental health by filtering high risk scoring visuals, reducing the volume requiring moderation to nuanced content


  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • Identifies sexually explicit and NSFW image and video files
  • Educates users on the company policy
  • Highly scalable to grow with increasing volumes without affecting performance