Today, there is a very thin line between gaming and gambling. Some view gambling as gaming, while others disagree. Even though gambling and gaming activities share many common features there is a big difference. Gambling is a game of luck and involves monetary transaction, whereas gaming requires skill, knowledge and can be skill enhancing and educational.

Gaming is a social, leisure activity and a way to spend time with friends and family as you compete against each other. It involves lateral thinking, problem solving skills to overcome the challenges posed by the game developers. Players choose to play – either alone, with friends or the wider community – if they think the game is fun, exciting and safe.

If the gaming environment turns toxic because of inappropriate, harmful content, players and their peers will leave the platform, resulting in revenue loss for the gaming provider who often rely on the community’s revenue for in-app and in-game purchases. User safety and brand protection equals revenue protection and go hand in hand to deliver positive user experiences.

“The risk of young people being harmed by toxic content they encounter online is too great for a single platform operator to tackle on its own, or to build from scratch. By collaborating with Image Analyzer we can block offensive live-streamed video at unprecedented levels and make online communities safer.”
CEO and founder of a North American online gaming content moderation company

Image Analyzer has spent more than a decade developing technology used by online community moderators, digital forensics companies and security software providers to automatically detect and prevent the download, storage and sharing of harmful visual content in threat categories including pornography, drugs, weapons, violence, extremism, and gambling.

Image Analyzer’s artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media provides customers with a competitive differentiator and incremental revenue growth and protection opportunities.


  • Protects brand reputation
  • Protects revenue streams
  • Reduces corporate risk exposure related to an organization’s vicarious liability
  • Helps comply with online safeguarding regulations
  • Reduces costs by increasing the scalability of IT or content moderation teams
  • Improves efficiency and productivity of IT or content moderation teams
  • Protects moderators' mental health by filtering high risk scoring visuals, reducing the volume requiring moderation to nuanced content


  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • Reduces moderation queue by 90% or more
  • Images are reviewed based on risk probability scores
  • Accelerates the time from post to review
  • Allows automation based on the risk probability score
  • Highly scalable to grow with increasing volumes without affecting performance