Parental Controls

Parental Controls

Digital risqué or pornographic content is no longer confined to websites. It can be streamed from a video sharing site, hidden on a hard drive, shared on social media and generated on a teenager’s smartphone. Studies have shown that viewing pornography can change the psychology of a minor and if sexting is involved it can have far greater repercussions. Parents need to be able to rely on the latest technology tools to protect their children from pornography and other harmful threats such as graphic violence, self-harm videos, extremist content, alcohol and drug abuse.

Traditional filtering techniques are often based on analyzing the metadata associated with the visual content, such as keywords or domain blacklists, rather than the imagery itself. These techniques are becoming less effective as often there is little or no metadata to analyze.

Image Analyzer’s artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media integrates with available parental control solutions. We provide our customers with a competitive differentiator and incremental revenue growth opportunities.


  • Provides peace of mind to parents by protecting children from the risks of online access
  • Reduces the likelihood that children will be exposed to inappropriate images or content
  • Helps comply with online safeguarding regulations
  • Reduces legal risk exposures and liabilities for organizations such as broadcasters, social media and online community platform providers


  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • Specialist parental control categories
  • Accurately blocks sexting messages and pornographic streaming videos, providing parents with peace of mind and early warning.
  • Provides inline web filtering to scan images displayed in browser for sexually explicit content
  • Provides streaming video filtering to scan streaming videos for sexually explicit content
  • Provides video and image file scanning to scan hard disks, smartphones and portable storage
  • Provides on-access scanning of videos to scan videos before they are played
  • Provides back-office categorization to improve URL blacklist and back-office analytics
  • SDK available for mobile operating systems – Android / iOS